Sometimes goodbye is the only way
"So long as the universe had a beginning, we can suppose it had a creator. But if the universe was completely self-contained, possessing no boundary or edge, then it could neither be created nor destroyed." - Dr. Stephen Hawking

I wasn't here for a long period.
Somehow, nothing has been changed.
There are people who like to share their dreams.
There are people who like to share their worst feelings.
There are people who like to cry in public. And make a blog from it.
And there are watchers. Who enjoy reading all of the above mentioned. Just reading, barely writing, more often - commenting.
The blog system is an ideal place for them. It's an endless library. Some of the blogs even get published as a book. And they (the watchers) buy it.
To laugh at you, the bloggers, again and again.
Who cares that their children will be just like the others. Who cares that making your life public isn't normal.
You can't stop it. Nobody can. You can just laugh. Until you become a blogger.
Then you'll try to post "something unusual". And you'll discover, that there are thousands and more, that are just like you.
What makes you a part of a blog system. The only difference is time. A time that took for you to understand that.
Enough for today.

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